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Indian School of Gaming (ISOG)

A world class gaming education, right here in India. This is the vision and the dream behind ISOG, India's first 360 degree school of gaming studies. ISOG has been started keeping in mind the growing need for gaming professionals in the areas of game development, design and testing. ISOG aims to identify high quality talent and offers the cutting edge training required for individuals to make their mark in gaming worldwide.

Celebrating the passion for gaming that is widespread among young people in India today, ISOG will attempt to convert this enthusiasm into hard core gaming talent. The Indian School of Gaming will provide a platform to impart a sound and current knowledge base and rigorous training in gaming.

ISOG offers India's first fully structured short term career optimization courses in Gaming. We prepare you to make a breakthrough into the global gaming industry in the spectrum of your choice - development, animation, design or testing.

Global Phenomenon

Across the world, the Gaming Industry has taken billions by storm. From a niche industry to a cult industry leader driving growth in the arena of technology itself, Gaming is a fantastic symbol of the new world in which we live.

Video gaming is the single fastest growing industry in the history of the planet and currently there is no end in sight to its meteoric climb.

Global gaming market will reach $50 billion within the next two years. According to a series of reports from analyst DFC Intelligence, the worldwide video game and interactive entertainment industry is expected to grow from about $33 billion in 2006 to as much as $47 billion in 2009.

Gaming is seriously a fun business. From classrooms to boardrooms, from hardcore shooters to the simplest game on your mobile, gaming is everywhere and it just keeps on growing!!

Great Indian Gaming

India is emerging as a key player in this exciting global market. The Xbox360 and Playstation3 have been recently launched in India bringing in new games with their dazzling technology. The talent pool in India has ensured that we have the capabilities to be a one-stop destination for game development, game art, animation and testing.

Game development today is a $10 billion industry in the US alone and India has more than a finger in this lucrative pie. This is where the Indian game developers, animators and testers with their world-class quality and game development experience step in. The rapid growth of the market is a sign of great things to come. The future of India's game development community begins now.

Behind the scenes

The Indian School of Gaming is the brainchild of Gameshastra, India's largest game services company.

Gameshastra has won the Red Herring Global 100 award that indentifies it as one of the most promising technology start ups in the world.

As a pioneer in the industry in India, Gameshastra recognizes the growing need for high quality game professionals in the areas of testing, animation and development, in India and abroad. Through ISOG, Gameshastra hopes to fill this void by introducing fresh, young and highly skilled talent from India into the global industry.