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  "We were operating in a resource constrained environment in US where we really can't find all the talent that we would like to have, developing and testing the games and with high degree of technical proficiency and talent based here in India, it seems to be a logical decision to work with GS."  
  - Brian Ward, Exec.V.P., Activision talking to the international media  
  "I wanted to send a personal thanks to your team for the work, it was a great accomplishment. I know this kind of rapid development takes a strong team working together and it is clear you have exactly that. While there are still plenty of challenges ahead on this project, you have demonstrated the ability set a target and the dedication to hit it. You can be very proud."  
  - Mike Carter, iVenture Games, Inc.  
  "Congratulation to you both and to your teams!"  
  - Vlad Ionescu, QC Co-ordinater (Ubisoft Romania) On successful completion of Island Rescue  
  "We believed the original code was so robust that it wouldn't take long. But your team has been so good in finding so many bugs that we really had to rethink about and that is the reason why the project has extended."  
  - Charles Cecil, Producer, Revolution Soft  
  "Thanks a lot for all the tests you have done over the week end. Your team has been a great help on the project and it is my pleasure to announce that the game has been officially approved by NOA and NOE." Thanks a lot once again for your hard work."  
  - Alexandre Avenard, Associate Producer, Ubisoft  
  . "Gameshastra is the perfect solution for our art pipeline needs at As a site that delivers a variety of weekly content, we require high and low poly model creation with a broad degree of variation. The team has proven versatile and flexible, delivering a large spectrum of assets from reference that requires the precision of well-known brands or the creativity of concept art. Joshua and Satya have both been extremely supportive and communicative, allowing our process to feel seamless and always keeping iterations low. It has been a pleasure working with the Gameshastra team!"  
  - Aaron Cripps, Senior Art Production Manager, Meez  

Hired ISOG QA trainees

  “ISOG has helped me learn the actual format of testing a game and how much effort and dedication it takes to test it. It has helped me improve my observation and focusing skills, due to this course I have learned how various devices are used that would be a great help to understand a bug. It was a great experience”  
  - Syed Badruddin Ahmer  
  “I am G.Balakrishna, student of ISOG_2008 batch and currently working as a game tester in Gameshastra. According to me ISOG is a perfect school for learning all information about games and testing”  
  - Balakrishan  
  “Being an avid gamer since childhood, was always wondering what goes in to making games. So soon after my college, joined ISOG to learn more about the industry and it’s been two years working at Gameshastra. ISOG has surely been a vital boost for me to enter this industry”  
  - Sumath Jaideep  
  “Gaming was always something I was very passionate about but never understood how it is for a fresher to be a part of Game testing. ISOG gave me an opportunity to learn different aspects about the gaming industry and in-depth theoretical, practical knowledge and experience”  
  - Mahadev Reddy  

Other house QA trainees

  “ISOG course really helped me in starting a career in Gaming”  
  - Hari Kiran  
  “ISOG really helped in turning my interest into a career. ISOG QA has provided me with all the experience I need to test games”  
  - Sreedhar